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BiteSize UX Challenge #1:

Bitesize UX Challenge 

Bitesize UX Challenge 


Drop off points for new users

Drop off points for new users

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Why didn’t you decide to continue to your free trial?

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Why didn’t you decide to continue to your free trial?

Problem Statement

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Version A

Version A

Version B

Version B Test Results - 25 Participants

Version A | Chosen 13 Times | 52% Success Rate             Version B | Chosen 12 Times | 48% Success Rate

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User Feedback

"You can see right away that you can get reviews from clients"

"I could see the experience and rating together. Being transparent about the accountant makes the version more trustworthy"

Version B.png

User Feedback - Version B

"It is important for me to know how the process works. It gives clarity - makes it seem structured, fast, and manages expectations. This makes me more likely to sign up. It's almost like a contract - it's upfront and transparent about how things work."

"I find this design easier to navigate. It says clearly the steps that must be followed in order to receive an answer from an expert."