John Leidl | UX Designer


Champion iOS Native App w/ AR Feature

My Role: UX Designer | Duration: 2 Weeks | Project Status: Complete


Champion is a historic brand who has a minimal at best digital presence. With 90s nostalgia having its time in the sun, it is the perfect opportunity for the brand to strengthen their reach toward a whole new customer. They have seen a recent resurgence in brand awareness through trends, influencer marketing (social media, etc) and partnerships with various designers/retailers.


Agile Sprint

Discovery: Surveys; User Research; Competitive / Comparative Analysis; IA Heuristics;

Design Sprint: Whiteboard Sketches; Wireframes; Mid Fidelity Screens; High Fidelity Screens; InVision Prototype

Testing: 5 initial Usability Tests; Design iterations; 2 second round tests.

Initial Problem Statement

How might we create a new form of engagement apart from the class e-commerce shopping experience.


Use emerging technology to provide our users with a unique experience that will allow them to interact with our brand on a new platform.

Keep highly coveted products from various collaborations directly in the hands of the consumer.

Provide users with a fully immersive experience that rewards them for participation by affording them the opportunity to purchase an exclusive item.


User Interviews

We interviewed a total of 4 people, all of which have participated in pop up shop type events and have a passion for fashion. They are also all iOS users and tech savvy.

People will go out of their way for a unique experience. Regardless of what they know about Champions collaborations with high fashion niche brands they still associate the brand with Athletic wear.

Affinity Mapping - Synthesis

  • “An App is important but needs to serve a purpose.”

  • “I don’t shop on the Champion website.”

  • “I wear Champion outside of the gym.”

  • “When I think of Champion, I think of sports and gym clothes.”

  • “I’ll go to pop-ups for exclusives and product interaction.”

When shopping using an online device 100% of the users interviewed prefer using a dedicated app not a responsive website.
Target Demographic Statistics

Target Demographic Statistics


Primary Persona


Secondary Persona



We conducted a both comparative and competitive analysis using the following brands; Champion, FILA, Russell, Starter, Reebok, and Converse.

Feature Matrix

Feature Matrix

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Silent Design Crit Pin Up

Silent Design Crit Pin Up