John Leidl | UX Designer


I am a curious NYC based UX Designer with the goal of becoming the ultimate Subject Matter Expert. I have a rare combination of being pragmatic & creative which has allowed me to build rapport with people from boardrooms to basketball courts. My passion for Technology, Music, Fashion & Art is reflected in all of my work. My goal is to join a team of problem solvers where I can collaborate, contribute, learn, influence, & always ask 'Why’?

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This page is here for those who wish to learn a bit more about the human behind the resume, for those of you who want to view my resume, please use the link below, but know you are missing out.......

Sketching Screens in Brooklyn
Sketching Screens in Brooklyn

Sketching Screens in Brooklyn


The picture is of 3 individuals who have been an influence in my life. A Designer, A Musician, and an Artist, all master craftsmen in their respective fields. 

My goal is to use my passion for Fashion, Music, Art and most importantly Technology to change the way people interact with products and brands. Ultimately helping craft the future of Fashion Tech.

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May 2018 Reading 

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