John Leidl | UX Designer

Spotify - Feature Integreation

Feature Integration

My Role: UX Designer | Duration: 2 Weeks | Project Status: Complete

Project Overview

For the Spotify project, I was part of a 3 member team tasked with integrating 4 new features.
This project was a 7-day design sprint. We were handed our project brief on a Friday and presented our integration the following Friday.

Limitations, Parameters, Resources, and Materials

We were given 7 days to complete the integration of 4 new features into the app Spotify. The prompt and problem statement revolved around collaborations. Over the 7 days, we conducted user research and synthesis, created personas, designed, iterated, tested and presented a final prototype. Our final prototype was built in hi-fidelity using SKETCH and then integrated into InVision for testing purposes.

Initial Problem Statement

How might we expand the way users interactively share music on Spotify?


Interview Responses - Q&A_Spotify.jpg

User Interviews

We sent out a survey to 65 individuals and were able to identify 6 users that fit the criteria, Daily Spotify Users. 


We interviewed 6 users and focused on a range topics: Because the goal was to expand how people interact, we wanted to push beyond music specific questions and focused on how they collaborate with friends. A few examples of questions:

If they use group chats

How they share photos

Other social media platforms they enjoy using “with friends”

Favorite features within Spotify

We also asked if they attended concerts to gain insights into our Live Stream function

  • “I share music using screenshots and text messages.”
  • “I like to create playlists and have them saved, work offline, and browse through top charts.”
  • “Weekly discoveries and top charts help me to find new music.”
  • “Collaborating is EVENT specific.” i.e. bachelor parties
  • “I don’t rely on reviews to choose what kind of
    music I like.”
  • “Group chats are an easy way for me to communicate with more than one individual.” 

Synthesis » Affinity Mapping

Primary Persona

Primary Persona


MoSCow Method

Must: Tagging; Group Chats; Automatic Playlist Updates

Should: Likes/Dislikes; Spotify Suggestions

Could: Automatic Updates w/ New Music; Group Chat

Won't: Ability to Record Live Sets; Save Sessions/History

“Remove any feature, process, or effort that does not contribute directly to the learning you seek.”
— Eric Ries, Author of The Lean Startup
Feature Prioritization

Feature Prioritization


Design Studio: Sketching + Concepting




We tested a total of 6 users on 4 Tasks from 3 Scenarios 

Some Similarities from Initial reactions were:

5 out of 6 users noticed the calendar immediately.

- 4 out of 6 users used the term seamless when describing the experience. 

Half of our users commented on how well the design integrated with spotify’s current interface.  

On a Scale of 1 - 5 (5 being difficult) our Average Rating on how easy the app was to navigate was 1.16

Scenario 1 Task 1:  The first task is was to add people to an existing playlist as either a listener or a DJ. Afterwards, navigate back to the playlist. 83.3% Success

Scenario 2 Task 1: Your next task is to use the calendar on the homepage and capture the memories from August 4 - 5th.  Once a playlist is created with that history, share it with a friend via Spotify and navigate back to the playlist.

4 Users attempted to click the check box instead of using the carrot to go back to the playlist.

Scenario 3 Task 1:   Enter the live streaming share with 2 friends via Spotify.

This had out highest success rate. 100% all 6 users were able to navigate the path correctly.

Scenario 3 Task 2: After sharing the live stream with your friends, make sure to leave a rating on the show



Simplification Strategies; Remove, Organize, Hide, Displace

Consistent App Experience upon opening — Improve Memorability

Instagram Integration - Ability to “tag”  - our users love to share but want to put in minimal effort!


Overall we realized Spotify is an incredibly complex application! Even our seasoned users were unaware of many features due to the fact that they are hidden in places people rarely visit that have difficult paths. Our goal was to create a simple yet effective experience that incorporated collaboration tools. We look forward to the next round of testing and iteration!