John Leidl | UX Designer


My Role: UX Designer | Duration: 4 Day Sprint | Project Status: Complete


This project lasted a total of 4 days and included working with 12 different people. This included working with 7 candidates for initial interviews and 5 candidates while conducting usability tests.


This was my 1st UX Project in a 10 Week User Experience Design Immersive, this was a completely unique idea I had in July 2017.

Fast forward to November 10th 2017, Kim Kardashian West launched an app called ScreenShop that is currently #40 in the Fashion Category in the App Store.

Kim Kardashian West’s New App Just Made It Possible to Dress Like an Instagram Star
— Vogue

Problem Statement

How might we save users time and frustration using various methods like a google search or scrolling through comments to find items they have seen some of their favorite musicians wearing on social media?

User Interview Findings

I found that people where instinctually using the Alphabet Scroll on the right side of the artists page instead of the search bar at the top of the page to navigate towards the specific artist. I changed the path that each users took.