John Leidl | UX Designer


My Role: UX Designer | Duration: 3 Weeks | Project Status: Complete


Project Overview

Zeel, a Massage on Demand ® company, allows users to book an appointment with licensed and vetted massage therapists on both web and mobile platforms. I was part of a 3 person team that partnered with the Design, Product, and Customer Service teams at zeel to work on a redesign of their consumer booking platform on 

Scope of Work

Our goal was to make the booking experience as delightful, intuitive, and seamless as possible while considering the following:

- New user on-boarding/booking flow
- Returning user booking and concept of booking with a specific therapist
- Promote signup for Zeelot membership during the booking process


Problem Statement

How might we simplify the massage booking process and encourage zeelot membership?



Booking Flow, New User

22 Clicks - 11 Screens - 3 Free Write Text Fields


Competitive Analysis 


Urban Massage and Soothe were the 2 companies who offer a similar service that we tested

Urban Massage 

10 Clicks - 5 Screens  - No Free Write

Web 1920 – 1.jpg


16 Clicks - 7 Screens - 2 Free Write Text Fields 

User Interviews

Primary Persona

Primary Persona


Design Studio: Sketching + Concepting

Low-fidelity Screens (Wireframes)


1 of 3 Designs Tested

We found that users liked to see their progress when booking a massage.

Design Iterations: First Round


Becoming a Zeelot 

There were a lot of questions around the details of the membership. 

How the discount works? and how is the % determined?

Can anyone use the 60 min massage credit? 

Do unused credits expire? 

High-fidelity Screens

Profile Page SS.png

Designing for Trust

We found that due to the sensitive and intimate nature of the business that building out a robust profile page solves a few issues. Not only will it allow a user to rebook an appointment with a therapist they previously booked with but it is creating a greater sense of community. 



5 out of 5 users tested were able to complete the new user booking and returning user booking. 

Users were delighted by how easy the return booking process was.

Users were interested in trying the Zeelot membership, but 3 out of 5 wanted to know more information before signing up.


Implementation + Next Steps

- Using Responsive Tabs and Accordions to condense the booking process to a single page

- Due to the fact that users are not instantly matched with a therapist we would like to rework the 'Hang Tight' screen that users see after booking the appointment